Monday, May 12, 2014

Big Changes

I (Derek) accepted a job in Charleston SC.  I interviewed for the position back in September, but the process was long since I had to get the equivalent of Top Secret security clearance.  I will be leaving Honda to work for Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp.  I'm super excited for the challenge.  I will be entering the Navy's nuclear power school beginning in June.  After 6 months of intense schooling I will train on decommissioned submarines on the Cooper River.  After a long year I will be qualified on the nuclear systems and then be a trainer.  I will mostly be training the best the navy has to offer, but also other civilians in the same position as me.

We have been preparing our house to go on the market for a while. So when I found out my clearance came through we put our house on the market the next day.  After 2 days we had 3 offers in which they were more than we listed our home for.  We took this as a sign that we were definitely needed elsewhere.  Last week The company flew us to Charleston to find a place to live.  We immediately went to the beach and had a blast.  The beaches in SC are the best kept secret. Well after house after house after house we finally found one we were really excited about. It was sold by the time we wanted to go back and look at it.  However,  in the same neighborhood there was new homes still being built.  After checking with the builder they told us that they had an inventory home that the contract had just fallen through the day before.  Well it was beyond anything we imagined.  We are now in contract on that home.  

I move to SC Memorial Day and Amanda and the boys will come out a couple of weeks after.  I will fly back and drive with them.  

Well we are excited for what's ahead and also sad to leave friends here in Ohio.  We have been extremely blessed.

Check out our new house at

Check out our current home here

This sums up our trip.  The SC flag/plate is a palm tree with a crescent moon behind it.
His first time seeing "big water" - he loved it. 
Derek pulled out the crackers, then the birds attacked.
Even Tate loved having his feet in the water!
It was beautiful and warm!
Here's a couple pictures of our new house!
Another bird picture!
Hymans Seafood - they are making the same face...
Mmmmm roast beef

Derek and Seth searching for wildlife.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Newport Aquarium Cincinnati Ohio

Derek had some time off work from the holiday plant shutdown.  We decided to take a quick trip to Cincinnati and visit the Aquarium.  We got a hotel downtown Cincinnati...which was a huge pain, but fun.  Who new a fancy hotel would make you pay to park.

We didn't get any pictures of it yet, but Seth was able to pet his first shark.

They were feeding the sharkrays.


The scuba diver cleaning the tank waving at Seth.  He was freaked out by the guy.

Tate was there too.